Yes, the Market is operating normally on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the Shelter-in-Place order.   Merchants will bag the items you want.  Please wear your mask. 


Welcome to The Farmers' Market at El Cerrito Plaza                                                        

The Farmers' Market at El Cerrito Plaza was established on July 24, 1994.


This market is a CERTIFIED MARKET, which means it is certified by the Department of Agriculture of the state of California. The market is established for the benefit of both producers (certified growers) and consumers.

Guidelines are set by the Dept. of Agriculture to ensure that producers only sell what they grow themselves. Surprise inspections are made by the Dept. and fines may be made. (In extreme cases, the producer may lose his certification.)  The market manager also must follow procedures and guidelines set by the Dept.

The market Manager, Jean Thompson, started her tenure on July 29, 1999. " During the past 25 years, the market has consistently provided top quality fresh produce and fruit, sold by the friendly farmers who grow it. Both farmer and customer are very often on first name basis and have become like family." 

Please feel free to stop by the Manager's table to ask any questions as to status of producers since some are coming only seasonally.  Contact Jean: 510 528-7992

 The El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce became Market partner in

November, 2012

Certified Agriculture Producers                 Selling

Cha Farms                                                  flowers, vegetables

Chinchiolo Farms                                      fruit

Contreras Flowers                                     flowers

Fruit Factory                                               fruit

Ed George / Peach Farm                           fruit, vegetables

Halog Farms/ Willie Padilla                     vegetables

J & M Farms/ Ibarra                                  vegetables

Lee's Produce                                              vegetables

New Long Live Poultry                               eggs

Medina Strawberries                                 fruit

J & J Ramos Farms                                     fruit, nuts

Rainbow Orchards                                      fruit

Rojas Family Farms                                    fruit

TU Universo                                                  vegetables

Lou Vue Farms                                             vegetables

Vue Farms                                                     vegetables

South Valley Mushrooms                            mushrooms

Richmond Gold                                             honey

Other, non agriculture

Beckmann's Bakery                                     bread, pastries

Hudson Fish                                                  fish

Mi Fiesta                                                       Mexican foods   

Ratto                                                              jams, spices

Namaskar Foods                                          Indian foods

Way to Life                                                    granola

February 2019

Mailing: P.O.Box 1014, El Cerrito CA 94530         Location:10895 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito CA  94530

 510 705-1202            Office hours: 10a-12n Mondays and Wednesdays 

or by appointment